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Cladding & Trim capping in Sudbury

Window and door cappings + Flashings From beautiful window and door cappings to essential roof and wall flashings, we ensure a professional and clean job everytime.

Are you comtemplating an upgrade of your windows to increase energy efficiency and comfort? We recommend that you first consider replacing only the glass in your present windows with energy efficient, modern, sealed units. This would allow you to keep your existing window frames while enjoying all of the benefits of reduced energy costs and a more comfortable home.

  • Trim capping provides significant returns for your home. Primarily, you will benefit from:
  • Low or no maintenance for years to come
  • Protection from elements that wear and rot wood
  • Isolating trim from insects such as termites and beetles
  • Resistance from fire, frost and freezing
  • Excellent appearance for a continuous “just-painted” look
  • One time-cost with long-term money savings
  • Variety of material and color choices