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Equip your home with premium windows and doors

At LB Exteriors - Windows & Doors, we sell and install the best-quality doors and windows. We make sure that all your window installation needs are taken care of on time! Are your window frames and door frames in need of repair? Our years of experience qualifies us to deal with any window repair or door repair that is required. Window repairs are often as simple as cleaning of the mechanism and squaring things, the weatherstripping or hardware may also need to be replaced to restore them to their original efficiency. These services are all part of a quality window restoration.

The windows and doors on your home are an integral part of the design. Our window and door installer service will make your home beautiful. There are a number of different types of windows available to homeowners who are seeking services for replacement windows from LB's Exteriors. Excellent workmanship Whether you want to install a window in your newly renovated home or need to fix the door of your old house, we have got you covered!

We not only provide you with high performing products but also support them with impeccable service. Since new windows and doors can be a major investment, we make sure that the entire project is taken care of efficiently and on time. Contact us to get a free estimate for your next project!

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